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Sewer Line Installation Tips For Residential Properties

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New sewer lines sometimes have to be installed around residential homes. Your current one may be totally useless and thus, new lines have to be put in quickly. You won't struggle with this plumbing activity thanks to these installation tips.

Make Sure New Line Is Elevated Appropriately

In order for the new sewer line to work like it's supposed to for years, the elevation has to be just right. If it's not, then you probably will have drainage issues. Dealing with them frequently is a nightmare plumbing issue to face so don't leave any doubts about the elevation that is achieved with the new sewer line.

A professional can help you assess the recommended elevation by thoroughly analyzing ground conditions using innovative laser technology. It will provide meaningful analysis and then they can give you the appropriate elevation figures for the best setup possible.

Lay Down Sand to Support the New Sewer Line

You don't want to just leave the new sewer line exposed to surrounding ground conditions. That's a good way to cause damage, even shortly after the sewer line is set up around your property. You'll be smart to lay sand around the sewer line to give it as much support as possible.

If you apply enough sand around the sewer line and pack it in tight, then the line will be more likely to remain in the same position and continue providing the right flow for fewer sewer line problems in the future. 

Ensure Pipes Are Connected With Quality Measures

Sewer lines typically don't come in one piece. Instead, they'll arrive at your property in sections that you'll then piece together. This is an integral step to putting in a new sewer line. So that you have no issues now or later, make sure each section is connected using only quality measures.

There need to be zero defects with the pipe sections and they must be secured in a way that keeps them permanently in the same position. Solvents are typically used to create tight connections that you can trust to hold each pipe section together over the years.

Getting in a new sewer line around your property is extensive and it will cost you some money. That doesn't mean it will ruin your chances of enjoying your property. You'll still be able to and enjoy a stress-free system if you handle the new sewer line installation appropriately. 

Contact a local plumber to learn more about sewer line installation.