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3 Ways Sewer Lateral Line Problems Can Affect You And Your Home

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You suspect that you have a sewer lateral line problem because all of the usual signs are there. You see issues with proper drainage from the house, you catch a whiff of sewer odors on occasion, and there may be muddy spots in your yard. However, for whatever reason, you have decided to delay repairs. It is true that a sewer line replacement is a time-consuming process that can take some money to achieve, but it is important this kind of issue is repaired as quickly as possible. Here is a look at some of the things that can affect you and your home if you have a sewer line issue. 

You could face repercussions from local agencies. 

Raw sewage is a health threat, and many locations have specific outlines in place about how it should be disposed of and handled. For instance, the local health department may have guidelines in place that state that a leaking lateral line has to be replaced promptly or the property owner can face fines. If you have a problematic sewer line and you do not tend to the matter quickly, it is highly possible to face financial repercussions due to guidelines such as this. It is far better to allocate that money to fixing or replacing the lateral line if that is what needs to happen. 

You could invite an insect problem onto the property. 

Insects and rodents are naturally attracted to three things: moisture, odors, and food sources. All three of these things can be made available if you have a leaking sewer lateral line. Unfortunately, you can see everything from a higher abundance of mosquitoes to more rodents on your property if there are sewer line issues. These kinds of pests can pose a health hazard and make their way into the house, which is definitely not something that you want to happen. 

You could lower the property value of your home. 

If you intend to sell your home, it is absolutely critical that you do what you have to in order to make sure your lateral line is in good condition. One of the things that typically happens before a home is listed for sale is that a home inspection will be done, and the sewer lines will be assessed. Signs of leaks are easy to notice, especially for a trained professional, because the leak will radiate odors and often show signs on the ground like greener vegetation in certain spots. 

To learn more about sewer lateral replacements, contact a plumber.