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Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, And Heat Pump Water Heaters: Sorting Out The Confusion

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Once there were only heat pumps and water heaters. Now there are heat pump water heaters, which sound like a hybrid of heat pumps and standard water heaters, but all of these appliances are unique onto themselves. To sort out the confusion and to help you understand why a heat pump water heater is so desirable, the following is provided. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps were designed to move hot air out of a home, thereby leaving the cooler air to rise from the floors upward. Dual heat pumps can remove hot air and leave cool air in their wake, and they can also bring warmer air from outside into your home when you want to warm up the house a bit. These appliances are strictly energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances, not meant for use as anything else. 

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters work on a similar principle as the heat pumps. These water heaters use a system of fans to pull hotter air from around the water heater inward. The electrical system uses the hotter air to warm the water in the tank, and then the hot water is available for you to use. These appliances are strictly for heating water, and you cannot use them to heat or cool your home. Their engineered design does not allow for them to double as anything else but what they are: water heaters. 

Water Heaters

These are your traditional water heating appliances. They may run on electricity, gas, or propane, depending on the type of fuel the model requires. They will only heat "X" number of gallons of water for your home, store that water in the tank, and then reheat it a little bit every hour. They will not heat or cool your home, nor will they use the ambient warm air to heat the water. These water heaters are less efficient than a heat pump water heater because they require a lot of electricity, or they need a lot of fuel to burn in order to make hot water and keep it hot. 

The Most Efficient Options for All of the Above Appliances

Heat pumps are far and away more efficient than any completely electrical heating and cooling options since the heat pumps can be and do both in the same appliance. Heat pump water heaters are the most efficient option for heating water because very little electricity is necessary to operate this appliance. If you live in the southern half of the U.S., then heat pump options are the ideal appliances. 

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