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Reasons For Having A Plumber Install Your New Water Heater

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Ready to replace the old water heater in your home? You may be debating between doing this job on your own or having a professional do it for you. Here are some reasons to leave your water heater installation to the pros. 

Easy To Switch Fuel Sources

One reason to replace your old hot water heater is that you want to change the fuel source. If you currently have an electric hot water heater, you are likely well aware of how much energy it consumes to heat that hot water. You do not have to replace an electric water heater with a new one that has the same fuel type since you have the advantage of switching things up a bit.

The hardest part about switching to a gas hot water heater is going to be running that gas line. If you've never installed a gas line before, it can be difficult to understand how to do it correctly so that the hot water heater gets enough gas to run the unit. Gas lines get smaller in size as they travel into your home to maintain the pressure in the line for appliances to operate. If you do not use the right-sized pipes, you could end up with a water heater that doesn't get the fuel it needs.

Easy To Switch Locations

Want to change where that hot water heater is located? You may run into a problem based on how the current hot water heater is vented. It is common for hot water heaters to use direct ventilation, which uses an existing chimney nearby for those fumes to travel out of your home. Without direct ventilation, you need to come up with a new plan to ventilate the hot water tank.

A power vent model can be the answer to your problems since there is an electric blower that pushes those fumes out of your home through a PVC pipe. However, it does require electricity in order to run the power vent. If the new hot water heater is in a place that doesn't normally have a nearby electrical outlet, a new outlet will need to be installed next to the hot water heater. This may be outside your comfort zone, meaning it is best left to a professional to do for you.

Reach out to a local plumber for more information about how they can help with installing a new hot water heater.