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Renovating a Children's Bathroom? What To Consider When Making Improvements

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Are you in the process of renovating the bathroom primarily used by kids? If so, you need to think about things differently than if it was used by yourself. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choices. 

Sink With Separate Water Handles

You may have a personal preference for a sink that uses a single handle to control the flow of water. However, it may be better to use a sink that has separate faucets for cold and hot water. This is because young children can have problems setting the proper temperature when there is a single handle faucet, leading to the water being too hot or too cold. When you use two faucets, you can set the temperature of the hot water heater to create the perfect mix when the hot and cold water is turned on all the way.

Extended Water Spout

Another consideration to make is how far the spout of the faucet extends into the sink. For small children, they may have difficulty reaching far back into the sink when there is a short faucet installed. It will help to have an extended water spout so that even young children will have no problems washing their hands.

Hardware and Fixtures With Brushed Finishes

Kids tend to be a bit messy when it comes to keeping the surfaces of a bathroom clean. If you want to keep the surfaces looking nice for the most part, it will help to install hardware and fixtures that have a brushed metal finish to them. These surfaces will help hide all of the fingerprints and smudges that can happen from daily use, making the bathroom more presentable when others are in it.

Kids Toilet Seat

Younger children that are just starting to use the toilet typically require a special seat in order to sit down comfortably. Unfortunately, this can get bulky and be in the way for older individuals. Consider getting a toilet seat that has a smaller inset seat for young children. It will help free up space in the bathroom and seamlessly be hidden away when it's not in use.

If you want to make these changes, but don't feel confident making alterations to your plumbing for spaces that require it, reach out to a local plumbing contractor. They'll help ensure that the plumbing fixtures are installed properly, and perform any other plumbing related renovations you are thinking about for your property.