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Steps For Dealing With Plumbing Pipe Repairs

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A leaky water pipe is a major problem. Even if the pipe just has a pinhole leak, extensive water damage can occur over time. When a pipe bursts, water could flood your home. Water leaks need immediate repairs, and you may need to call an emergency plumber if you can't stop the leak. Here are some things a plumber might do to help.

Find A Hidden Leak 

If you know you have a leak, but you can't find it, a plumber can use tools like an ultrasound device that listens for the sound of rushing water. An ultrasound, moisture meter, and thermal camera can all help find the source of a water leak even if the pipe is behind a wall, under a concrete slab, or under the ground.

Determine The Cause Of The Leak

The cause of the leak might be important to know so the right repairs can be done. The plumber might use a pipe camera to look inside the damaged pipe for signs of advanced corrosion. If the pipe has a lot of rust, then replacing it could the best solution. If one pipe is corroded all the way through, your other pipes could be in danger as well. If the plumber finds an isolated problem, then repair might be possible.

Repair The Pipe Leak

The type of repairs done depends on the pipe material and the location of the pipe. The damaged area of a copper pipe can be cut out and new pipe soldered into place. The plumber may repair a leak in plastic or steel pipes too, or it may be necessary to remove the entire length of pipe at the fittings. 

If the pipe is under a slab, the slab might be busted up to repair the pipe, or a new pipe might be routed around the old one above the slab. When the pipe is under the ground, it's necessary to dig it up and replace it unless it's a sewer pipe. In that case, it might be possible to pull a liner through it to make repairs.

Part of the challenge with pipe repairs is locating the area of damage. It might require tearing up some flooring or pulling out a wall. However, thanks to detecting equipment used by plumbers, it's at least possible to pinpoint the leak in advance so that your house doesn't have to be torn up just to hunt for the damaged pipe.