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3 Simple Ways To Prevent Hair Clogging Your Bathtub Drain

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There is almost a guarantee to one thing in life. If you have a clogged drain in your shower or tub and call on a plumber for professional drain cleaning, most of what they pull out of the receptacle will be hair, lots and lots of hair. It really is one of life's little conundrums; hair always ends up in the drain after you shower, but is there anything you can do to squash the problem? The truth is, there is nothing you can really do about losing hair when you shower. It just happens. However, there are a few little tips you can keep in mind to help alleviate drain-clogging hair problems. 

Brush your hair before you shower or bathe. 

Most people brush their hair in the morning when they are getting ready for the day, but most people think nothing of brushing or combing their hair before they step into the shower or bath to get clean. Doing so will remove a lot of the loose hair you have on your scalp so it doesn't automatically come out when you lather, rinse, and repeat while bathing. This one simple change in your grooming habits could actually save you a lot of time and hassle with hairy drains down the road.

Invest in a hair collecting drain plug. 

Using something to collect hair before it actually gets into the drain line is one of your safest plans of action to keep the drains freely flowing. Therefore, it is best if you invest in a hair-collecting drain plug of some type to capture most of the hair that washes down the drain while you bathe. There are a lot of different types of hair-collecting drain plugs available, from basic screens to mushroom-shaped plugs that you pull out and clean after bathing. 

Use a dryer sheet in a pinch to collect hair if you have nothing else. 

If you've not invested in a drain device that is designed to collect hair as the water drains, in a pinch you can use a dryer sheet as a sort of filter. Simply lay out the sheet over the drain after you have pulled the plug, and the sheet will collect all the hair strands as the water wicks through it. When the water is gone, you will have a sheet that has collected all of the hair that can then be tossed in the trash.