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Problems You Can Solve With Septic Pumping

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Pumping your septic tank regularly is a great maintenance practice for your septic system. In fact, there are even septic problems that you can solve by merely having your septic tank pumped; here are some of those problems:

Wastewater in the Yard

One of the classic signs of a septic tank that needs pumping is the presence of wastewater in the yard. Apart from the eyesore and bad odor associated with wastewater, having wastewater in the yard is also a health hazard because there may be dangerous germs in the water.  Such a problem typically arises if the tank is full and it can't handle any more waste that your house is still channeling into the septic system.  As a result, some of the waste will be overflowing into the surrounding land, and some of it may flow and reach your yard.

Foul Odor in the House

Pumping your septic tank may also help you get rid of sewer odors in your home. A properly functioning septic system should not emit foul smells, at least not in enough quantities to reach your house. However, if the tank is full, it will not be able to handle its wastes, and some of them will overspill before treatment. Not only that, but some of the wastes may also back up into your house. Both of these issues may fill your house with a foul smell that may make the house unlivable.

Sewer Backup

If your septic tank is full and your home is still generating septic wastes, the wastes will have nowhere to go. As a result, some of the wastes will back up right into your house. Not only that, but your drains will also be slow draining and generally acting up. If you don't take emergency measures in such a situation, then you can have your toilet floor full of sewer water in no time.

Premature Septic Failure

Lastly, pumping your septic tank may also help you to prevent it from failing prematurely. This is because a septic tank that is full with wastes will be under too much strain. Such strain will also affect the septic field, inlet pipes and even the outlets in your drainage system. As a result, a rarely pumped system is doomed to fail faster than a similar system that is properly maintained.

Do you have any of the above problems? Consult a licensed plumber or a septic service company to confirm if pumping your tank can help; the professionals will offer you an alternative solution if pumping the tank isn't enough.