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3 Common Problems With Electric Hot Water Heaters That May Be Fixable

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Electric hot water heaters don't last forever. When they do go on the fritz, your first thought may be to head out to buy a new one and replace the old one. You may be pleased to learn that you might have another option – it's possible that it could be repaired instead of replaced. Here, you'll learn a few things to look for to learn if it's time to update your hot water heater or get it running properly.

Rumbling Noises

If you're hearing rumbling noises coming from the tank, there could be sediment built up inside of it. This will cause the tank to overheat to the point in which the water boils. The boiling water is what is causing the rumbling sounds.

To stop the rumbling sounds, drain and flush your hot water heater.

Smelly Hot Water

If your hot water is smelly, kind of like rotten eggs, there is likely an issue with the sacrificial anode. This is the part that releases hydrogen gas into the water which then becomes absorbed into the sediment inside the tank.

To resolve the problem add 2 pints of hydrogen peroxide for every 40 gallons of water that the tank holds. Keep all of the hot water fixtures within the home turned off for at least a couple of hours so that the peroxide sits in the water long enough to break-down the odor-causing contaminants.

Inadequate Temperature

If the water coming from your fixtures isn't hot enough, there is a problem. These three problems are most commonly the cause:

Wrong size water heater. If the hot water heater is too small for your household, the water will not reach the desired temperature.

Crossed waterlines

It is possible that there has been a mistake made somewhere in the plumbing. When the hot and cold waterlines are crossed, the water temperature will not be hot enough. Turn off the water supply to and from the heater. Turn on a hot water fixture in the home. If water continues to run, there is a cold waterline connected to the hot water line somewhere within the home.

Failed dip tube

This part is located in the hot water tank. It allows the cold water to mix with the hot water. When it fails, the water temperature within the tank will be lower than it should be. The pipe nipple located on the cold water inlet may need to be replaced to resolve this issue.

If you've completed the above steps and still don't have the hot water you need, talk with your local hot water heater replacement expert for assistance.