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Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioner Won't Shut Off

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When your air conditioner malfunctions, one thing it can do is run constantly and not cycle off. While this may not seem like a serious problem since you want to keep your home cool anyway, it can signal a problem that needs to be repaired before serious damage is done to your system. When your air conditioner won't cycle off unless you kill the power to it, it's time to call for a service check. Here are some things that could be wrong.

Thermostat Malfunction

First, you'll want to verify the thermostat is set properly. Then, try adjusting the temperature setting to see if the air conditioner will cycle off at a different temperature. Also, look for obstructions such as dust in the unit. Cleaning the thermostat might help. If your thermostat displays error codes, it may tell you if there is a problem. If you have an older thermostat, you may need to have it checked by an HVAC professional for a short in the wiring or other malfunction.

Dirt And Dust Buildup

If you can get the thermostat to shut off by adjusting the temperature, that might signal a problem with the ability to cool the air to your target temperature. This can happen when the evaporator coils are dirty in the cage outside. It can also happen if the filter is clogged up with dust. Change the filter and see if it helps. If not, check the condenser coils outside for signs of dirt buildup. You might even notice a light frosting of ice on the coils. If so, you'll want to call for repairs right away because your AC could freeze over and completely shut down.

Blower Problems

Your air conditioner has several parts that can malfunction and cause issues. The blower is what moves air through the system, and it may need to be repaired, cleaned, or replaced. If it isn't blowing enough air through the system at a high enough speed, it will need to run longer than normal. The blower can develop a bad belt and bearings too, but when these go bad, you'll usually hear loud noises.

If you haven't had your air conditioner cleaned this season, then the problem could simply be that the blower and coils are too dirty for your air conditioner to work efficiently. That means it has to blow air constantly to maintain your desired temperature. A dirty furnace doesn't seem like a big problem, but it can lead to damage to the parts of your furnace as well as an increased power bill. It's best to call an HVAC cleaning and repair service soon to protect your furnace and get it working properly again.

For more information, contact your local air conditioning repair service.