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Have Plumbing Odors? What To Do

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If the smell that is coming from the drains around your home is offensive and you have tried different plumbing solutions to remove clogs, it's time to call the professionals. The odors could not only indicate that you have a bacteria problem in the plumbing, but also that there is something trapped somewhere in your pipes. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the plumbers about doing to get your plumbing issues fixed.

Check the Traps

The drain traps around the house can get clogged easily, and even though water is flowing, there could still be build-up and bacteria. Because of this, you want to have the plumbing professionals check all of the traps around the house. They can check with a drain snake and a camera, and they can dissolve, remove and help to prevent further debris clogs in the drain that are causing offensive odors.

Inspect for Galvanization

If the coatings on the interior of the pipe are starting to rust and corrode, and the pipes are suffering from galvanization, this causes a few different problems. Concerns include the following:

  • Lead getting into the drinking water
  • Deteriorating pipes
  • Bacteria forming on the inside of the pipes where there is galvanization

When the plumbing professionals are examining your pipes with a camera, they can see if the pipes have started to erode and what complications exist.

Flush the System

Have the plumbers flush the drains and pipes for a set period of time, to remove all of the debris and bacteria from the plumbing. You may also want to do appliances as well, since they use and store water. The cleaning agents and the flushing could be enough to get rid of the odors and issues that you have, and it's something that could be annually.

Odors in the house can cause a lot of problems, like attracting pests and causing breathing hazards. You'll want to call the plumbers and set up an appointment right away to make sure that your water is safe throughout the house, that there isn't anything dangerous in the pipe lines, and that you don't need to replace any pipes. The plumbing professionals can give you estimates for the different things that you need, and they can let you know if you have water or other problems that are causing the bacteria and odors to be a problem at your property.