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Common Toilet Issues You Can Repair Yourself

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Your toilet handles quite a bit, and so it will have a few issues along the way. A clog, broken handle or chain, or even a stuck flange are just a few common issues your commode may experience. These are fairly quick and easy repairs that the most novice homeowner can fix. See below for instructions on how to make these and a few other repairs to the most popular seat in the house.

Clogged Toilet

Clogs happen for all types of reasons. It could be because things are getting flushed that shouldn't be such as wipes, tissues or paper towels, or even your child's favorite boat toy (he just wanted to watch it float). If you experience a clog, be sure to have a plunger on hand. If you don't have one in your home, invest in an accordion style plunger. Take the plunger and place it over the toilet drain. Apply pressure to create a suction, then pump up and down on the plunger to suck out the clog. Repeat several times if necessary. To prevent clogs, never place anything into the toilet that doesn't belong there, even flushable wipes or feminine products, as your system may not be able to handle them.

Broken Handle

If the handle on your toilet breaks, you can purchase a replacement handle at your local hardware store. Lift the lid and unhook the chain from the handle. Then use a crescent wrench to take apart the old handle. Attach the new handle with the screw and nut that came with it. Then add the chain to the handle. Tighten the screw/nut, then replace the lid. Flush the toilet to be sure it is working properly. If need be, change the position of the chain.

Broken Chain Or Flange

If you have a broken chain, you can purchase a new one (usually with a flange kit) at your local hardware store. Take the old flange with you so you have the proper sized replacement parts. If your flange is broken, you can purchase the same kit. Take out the old parts by disassembling them from the handle, then replace them with the ones parts. When finished, flush the toilet to be sure everything is in working order.

These are fairly common problems, but they are all quick fixes. If you aren't sure about these issues and how to repair them, or you have other issues, contact a company like Arnold  &  Sons_Plumbing Sewer &  Drain Services to get the job done the right way.