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What Do You Need To Know About Sewer Cleaning?

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As a homeowner, one of the less desirable tasks you will have to oversee is sewer cleaning. Without regular cleaning, sewer can begin to back up into your home and cause even more problems. If you are new to this responsibility, here is what you need to know.   

Can You Do It Yourself?  

In an attempt at saving money, some homeowners try to take on sewer cleaning themselves. Although it is possible to do it, there are many unique challenges that you could face with the project. For instance, using the wrong products could lead to your sewer lines being weakened. You could even break a line yourself while using equipment, such as a snake.   

Therefore, relying on professionals to clean your sewer lines is the better option. Not only can you be sure that the project is completed responsibly, but you can receive a guarantee for the services.   

When Should the Drain Be Cleaned?  

There are some obvious and not-so obvious signs that you should look for to determine if it is time for a sewer cleaning. The most obvious sign you will see is sewage backing up into your drains, such as the sink or toilet.   

It is likely time for a cleaning if you hear gurgling noises in the pipes when water or waste is drained. You should also be concerned if water backs up into your bathtub whenever you use the washing machine. The drains are often linked and the presence of water means there is an obstruction.  

What Could Lead to a Need for a Cleaning? 

To prevent the need for a sewer cleaning sooner rather than later, it is important that you understand the possible reasons that a cleaning would be necessary. There are several potential causes, including grease. Grease from cooking that is poured down the drain can solidify in the sewer lines and form a hard block that will prevent anything from moving freely through the pipes.  

Another possible cause are the roots beneath your home. The roots can penetrate the pipes and cause them to break. If not immediately discovered, even more damage can be caused to your plumbing system and end up in a complete overhaul of your plumbing system.  A simple repair could balloon to a complicated one.  

Schedule a consultation with a sewer cleaning service, like Holmes Sewer And Drain, as soon as you suspect there is an issue. Leaving the problem to linger can result in even more problems down the road.