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The Lagerfelds And Diors Of The Plumbing World: Know Your Kitchen Faucets

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Simple kitchen fixtures of a more generic nature run anywhere from about $20 to less than $100. Many homeowners just buy whatever is cheapest. However, there are those that prefer to install only the best and finest in their homes. You probably did not know that there are some high-end kitchen faucet brands. Most people do not.

These fixture brands are known as the haute couture plumbing brands because they are as pricey as high fashion clothes and accessories. Their designs are sought after by those that can afford a three-, four-, five-, or six-hundred-dollar kitchen faucet. If you are interested in a luxury kitchen faucet for your home, you should get to know these brands well.


This company takes the old-world appeal of antiquated metals and kitchen farmhouse faucets and combines it with modern design, functionality, and metals. The cheapest fixture this company makes retails just under $200, and that is their most basic model. Add a feature here or there, a little extra silver chrome or aged copper finish, and you can expect to pay double or even triple that.


German engineering meets Modern design in the faucets offered by this company. They have some of the most unusual and unique kitchen faucet fixtures around. Many of them also utilize a matte or satin nickel finish, toning down the very shiny chrome that is so popular with other competing designers. Still, if you like these faucets but want the chrome shine, this company also offers a few faucet models with a little silver chrome. They are slightly more affordable than the previous company mentioned above.


Angular or arching best describes the design themes of these German-designed faucets. Taking their cues from German minimalism, they combine the necessary functions of a faucet and kitchen sprayer into one fixture. Even the water handles are built into the faucets so that there are no extra components you need to install. Many of their faucets have very square necks, while the others have arching, rounded necks. If you like these designs, be ready to pay the asking price of almost three hundred dollars to almost seven hundred dollars.


The most expensive, top-of-the-line kitchen faucets you can buy are made by this company. Short of being gold-plated and costing more, these faucets provide very elegant touches to your kitchen sink. They also incorporate the most expensive finishes, including Tuscan bronze, so that your sink looks like its stepped out of the pages of a luxury home improvement magazine.

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