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Want A Whirlpool Tub? How To Fit One In A Small Bathroom

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Standard bath and shower combinations are nothing special anymore. Newer homes often have whirlpool tubs incorporated into the initial design. However, this does not help you if you own a home with a small bathroom and no whirlpool tub.

Although it might seem impossible, you can do quite a few things to fit one in a tiny space. 

Build a Shower into the Tub

Instead of thinking that you need to have a separate, walk-in shower, you can just build a shower in with the whirlpool tub. Sure, it might not be as easy as walking into a dedicated space for showering, but you can do it to create enough room for getting a luxurious whirlpool tub in the bathroom. You just want to pick a tub model that has a decent amount of flat space to freely move around while showering.

Put the Sink in a Corner

If you do not incorporate essential features into the corners of your bathroom, you are going to end up wasting space. It is best to get a slim vanity that you can fit into the corner to carry the sink. In a corner space, you will find it natural to put a medicine cabinet alongside the vanity to maximize storage space.

Get a Compact Toilet

The toilet that you choose can have a substantial impact on how much space you have in the room. Going for a compact elongated toilet is crucial to minimize space consumption. You will want to combine this with a one-piece toilet over a two-piece, as you will save a bit more space with this particular style.

Install a Sliding Door

Having to dedicate enough space for opening the bathroom door is unfortunate, especially for small bathrooms. Switching the way the door swings is usually not a good idea because it will likely block a high traffic area. If you are up for something unique, you can get a sliding door that locks. It is a minor change that can give you a great deal of space to work with in the bathroom.

When you follow these ideas, you will have a complete bathroom to work with, even in a small space. The amount of space that you can add to your bathroom is huge when you implement everything. Fortunately, you will likely need every bit of extra space to comfortably fit in a whirlpool tub.

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