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Green Plumbing Renovations That Can Save Water And Cut Energy Costs

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If want your home to be greener and more efficient, there are probably a list of improvements you want to be done. These improvements may include things with more energy efficient appliance and lighting. You may even be considering things like solar power. There are also some improvements that you may want to do to the plumbing in your home, which can help to save energy and reduce water consumption. Here are some of the green plumbing renovations you will want to put on your list: 

1. Adding Low-Flow Fixtures To Reduce Water Waste

The water that is wasted in showers, faucets and toilets can add up quickly. One simple improvement is to add low-flow fixtures to these areas to help reduce water waste. For toilets, you can even add jugs of water or bricks to reduce the amount of water used, which will also cost a lot less than completely replacing them.

2. Installing Grey Water Irrigation To Make The Most Of Waste

Installing grey water irrigation is another area where you can reduce water waste in your home. If you have landscaping that needs watering, this water can come straight from your appliances rather than the water service. This can help reduce your water and sewer bills, and still keep your lawn green.

3. A Plumbing Manifold System For More Efficient Running Water

Another solution you may want to consider to make the plumbing in your home more efficient is plumbing manifolds. These are systems that distribute cold and hot water in your home separately. Because of this, the hot water does not get wasted and your water heater will use less energy. Since hot water comes directly from the source with a manifold system, you will also reduce waste that comes from waiting on hot water.

4. Installing Solar Collectors To Help Provide Hot Water And Heating

If you want solar energy, but cannot afford a complete solar panel array, consider water heaters. A solar water heater can cost a lot less than conventional solar panels, and it can be used by many of the mechanical systems in your home, such as hot water heaters and HVAC systems. It can provide the conventional systems with thermal energy to improve their efficiency.

These are some of the green plumbing improvements that you may want to consider adding to your list. If you need help with repairs and improvement to the piping in your home, contact a plumbing contractor (click here for more information) to get help with some of these energy efficient upgrades.