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Ways To Keep Your Duct System Clean

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Your heater or furnace is not the only HVAC component that works to keep your home warm in the winter. A central heating system functions thanks to a duct system that channels heated air throughout the home. If there are obstructions and debris in these ducts, it could both compromise the air quality of your home and detract from your heater's efficiency.

The following are a few tips on how you can keep your duct system clean to maximize heater or furnace efficiency:

Keep grates free of dust

Dust will naturally build up around your duct grates. This dust will flow into your ducts and create an obstruction to airflow if it is not occasionally cleared away. Identify where your grates are located in your home and take care to avoid allowing dust or other obstructions to fall down into them. 

Avoid smoking and other activities in the home that could pollute interior air

It will be harder for you to keep your ducts free from buildup or clogs if someone is smoking in your home. If you want to maximize heater efficiency, insist that residents or visitors at your home only smoke outdoors. 

Consider an air filter

An air filter will clean your home's interior air and keep dust particles and other debris from flowing into your ducts.

Have professional cleanings and inspections

Many HVAC authorities recommend periodic duct cleaning as a means of maximizing heater and air conditioner efficiency. Typically, having ducts cleaned once every two to five years is sufficient to maintain proper HVAC functioning.

You might want to also learn to do some light duct cleaning on your own to avoid buildup between professional cleanings. Homeowners can clean the area of their ducts located around grates themselves with a vacuum cleaner.  

Professional cleanings aren't just important for getting buildup out of your ducts. They're also important because they give a HVAC professional the chance to inspect your ducts and check for any leaks or obstructions. Leaks and obstructions could severely detract from the efficiency of your heating system, so it's important to find them as soon as possible. 

Thoroughly clean and inspect if rodents or infestations is detected

Having a rodent infestation in a home often causes severe duct damage. Obstructions can be caused in ducts by nests and rodent excrement, and this has a disastrously negative effect on both HVAC efficiency and air quality. 

For more information, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.